With serious consequences for public health Käyttäjäkokemuksia.

Early stage of arteriosclerosis SampleAtherosclerosis is hardening and thickening hardening and thickening of the arterial walls, with serious consequences for public health Käyttäjäkokemuksia http://levitrasuomi.org . Researchers at the Technical University Eindhoven have imaged the stages in the process of calcification in the nanometer scale. The growth of cure has almost exactly followed the same process as bone or tooth formation. The results of the research will be published in the December issue of the journal Nature Materials.

Three articles in Nature MaterialsThe publication is in the December issue of of the prestigious journal Nature Materials, the other items published on Nico Sommerdijk. It is the understanding of the mechanisms of bone growth, a related research project. According to the editors of Nature Materials it is rare that two publications by the same researchers published in the same issue of the journal. ‘It happens maybe once a year,’says Alison Stoddart of Nature Materials. ‘Only five to ten % of the articles submitted are actually selected for publication. Released two at a time if there will be quite a rare event. ‘As soon as the item themselves, the magazine also published a two – page editorial in which an external specialist presents his own view of the research results Sommerdijk.

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