Who led the study conducted in fruit mice and flies.

This led them to dose 3-day-old flies of the same type with the two anti-cancers EGFR inhibitors over a week’s time, which was demonstrated in behavioral assessments on day 11 to prevent memory loss. This was remarkable, but even more so, says Zhong, due to a parallel but independent experimental procedure that also suggested EGFR as a drug target for Alzheimer’s. Of these, 45 compounds showed positive results in fruit flies after 8 weeks of dosing. Nine of the were selected for tests in mouse versions, of which four showed positive results after two months. A precise mechanism could not be conclusively demonstrated out of this and related experiments.Healthy women produce one or more eggs on Ovulation but those battling with PCOS cannot generate healthy eggs, have deteriorating health insurance and changes in their menstrual period. There are solid evidences which claim that this is often a genetic disorder, women suffering with this problem have mother or sister who’ve faced similar problem usually. Major reason behind PCOS is change using hormones; hormones are chemical messengers that trigger many different processes. Women battling with PCOD or PCOS possess change in their hormones like Estrogen, Progesterone and Androgen. It is yet to be established medically that what can cause transformation in these hormones, it is thought that genetic reasons are primarily responsible for bringing in transformation in these hormones and initiate PCOS or PCOD.