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Too bad you can’t Fooducate the food bar items using the telephone app ( Would it matter if it had been organic even? I mean, can you have organic fibrotic heart lesions? A biochemist would tell you that canola essential oil has higher degrees of trans fatty acids than soybean essential oil and various other toxic GMO hybrid natural oils that the masses use on a regular basis. This would include the hydrogenated vegetable natural oils cottonseed, safflower and corn. Avoid the All-You-Care-to-Eat Canola Food Bar!Take a glance at the short-term and long-term damage you could be doing to the body by consuming canola regularly: • Canola depletes vitamin E. • Canola increases the rigidity of membranes, that may trigger degenerative illnesses. • Because of canola’s high sulfur content material, it easily goes rancid, which can exacerbate allergies and compound problems for people with bronchial or asthmatic issues.And today, scientists are beginning to understand why. In research published this week in Neuron, Marcos Frank, PhD, Associate Professor of Neuroscience, at the University of Pennsylvania College of Medicine, postdoctoral researcher Sara Aton, PhD, and co-workers describe for the very first time how cellular adjustments in the sleeping mind promote the formation of memories. ‘This is actually the first real direct insight into how the mind, on a cellular level, changes the strength of its connections during sleep,’ Frank says. The results, says Frank, reveal that the brain while asleep is fundamentally different from the brain during wakefulness.