When Akt is activated.

The MD Anderson researchers suggest that the ability to EZH2 to act genes that are necessary to of cancer of cancer controls silence. When Akt is activated, it phosphorylates EZH2, so put it out of a specific histone H3 known. If it is not bound to H3, can not EZH2 methylate H3 thus these silenced genes are re-expressed. If Akt is not activated, it is not phosphorylate EZH2, and this enzyme remains bound and methylates H3, so they get the silence gene expression. – Our findings suggest that the Akt methylation activity of regulated by phosphorylation of EZH2, which may contribute to oncogenesis, Hung says.

Folate and L-methylfolateScientists have a link between a a link between a deficiency in the bioactive form of folate and depression, and studies were performed to determine whether to improve the active form of folate depression symptoms.3, 7 up to 70 % of people who suffer from depression, a specific genetic factor that to convert to convert folic acid from food or synthetic folic acid into the bioactive form, L-methylfolate.H. Role of H. Pylori to Auto Immune gastritisStudies in animals have demonstrated pylori shares more antigens regions of jointly to acid secreting cells in gastric mucosa. The Antibodies by H. Pylori caused damage acid secretory cells through this antigen Mimikry. Pylori infection is extremely common in people, and about half of the infected patients develop atrophic changes over the years. End stage severe atrophy, H. Pylori disappearing and sign an earlier infection are difficult to detect.

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