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Contact: Liese Green fields University of California – Berkeleychildren with high concentrations of arsenic are exposed to drinking water die seven to 12 times more frequently from lung cancer and other lung diseases in young adulthood, a new study by University of California, Berkeley, and Chilean researchers suggests. Less than one dying due to bronchiectasis, usually a rare , 46, 46 times higher than normal if the child’s mother also drank the arsenic contaminated water during pregnancy, according to the study -. These results provide some of the first human evidence that fetal or early childhood exposure to toxic substances in markedly increased disease rates in adults lead. The extraordinary risk we found is the in utero and early childhood exposure to a new scientific knowledge, says the study’s lead author, Allan Smith, professor of epidemiology at UC Berkeley School of Public Health. I sometimes think about the improbability that could drinking water with concentrations of arsenic less than one – thousandth of a gram per liter to do this and think that I have to be wrong. But our long association with arsenic exposure in India build tie this study perfectly. And will appear in the July print issue of Environmental Health Perspectives and is already published on his website.

Family caregivers by people with ALS, often spouses will, is likely depressive and feel burdened, but this is not the case in the people that be to take care after a study to the 20th March 2007 expenditure from Neurolog, the scientific journal the University of Colorado Denver released. – ‘There is evidence of of nurse mental status heavily affected ALS patients, that results indicate a family carers the physical and mental condition not to be overlooked during the planning ALS nursing,’said degree author Adriano Chio, with the University of Turin, Torino, Italian, and a member of the American Academy of Neurology.

ReferencesScott Gottlieb , 2006 Conference Adaptive Trial style, July 2006,on NapoNapo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Focused on developing and commercializing proprietary medication the global market in partnership with local partner Napo was formed in November 2001 and is located in South San Francisco, California, with a branch in in Mumbai.