Tumor cells tend chromosomes with a particularly high frequency http://www.tadacip20mg.org.

Tumor cells tend chromosomes with a particularly high frequency , which is probably why they are often aneuploid missegregate . In 2008, Sarah Thompson and Duane Compton of Dartmouth Medical School showed that most CIN in tumor cells was caused by incorrect attachments between mitotic spindle microtubules and kinetochores, and that induce misattachments adequate in normal cells was to chromosome chromosome missegregation http://www.tadacip20mg.org www.tadacip20mg.org . It was a small but significant wrinkle to this story, however: normal, diploid cells stopped proliferating as soon as they gained or lost a chromosome, cell cycle arrestr converted into a cancer – like aneuploid cell line.

The researchers induce missegregation and then looked for cells that had gained or lost a fluorescent label within its genome. These cells could proliferate, and showed elevated levels of p53 and its target genes, the cell cycle inhibitor p21. Cells without p53 was aneuploid after induced missegregation indicates that the p53 pathway normally serves to limit the spread of the cells with an odd number of chromosomes.


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