Top athletes and sports teams to develop the winning edge.

For more information on how to take measures to prevent the flua one-yearnt of sports performance technology, Sontra Medical and HortResearchA unique device designed to sting of the sting of the needle doctor soon soon, top athletes and sports teams to develop the winning edge.Sontra Medical Corporation and the Horticulture and Food Research Institute of New Zealand Limited announced today that it entered into a research collaboration to evaluate the use of SonoPrep? Skin permeation for sports performance monitoring.

HortResearch and Sontra using this equipment for the Sport Performance evaluating monitoring by extracting tiny samples of fluid under the skin of the top athletes.This interstitial fluid contains biochemical markers that provide detailed information on how the body of an athlete is training, competition, injury and post – activity recovery yield reacts.Some serious cases approves first ablate catheter for the treat atrial fibrillation.

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