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Another worrying locating was that oral anticoagulants were underprescribed in elderly patients, with aspirin alone additionally prescribed. Professor Lip said: Elderly patients are at the highest risk for stroke and yet they receive aspirin which isn’t recommended and potentially dangerous. There exists a perception that elderly patients do not do well on anticoagulation. But a number of studies now, including BAFTA,6 show that in elderly individuals warfarin is far superior to aspirin in stopping stroke. Sufferers with paroxysmal AF were less likely to receive oral anticoagulation in comparison to patients with long lasting AF.‘The clays may change the wound environment to a pH range that favors curing, while killing invading bacterias.’ Clays extracted from the Crater Lake region show antibacterial activity against superbugs including methicillin-resistant S also. Aureus and extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-resistant E. Coli . ‘To date,’ Williams said, ‘the very best antibacterial clays are those from the Oregon deposit.’ in the Oregon deposit Even, not all clays were equally potent. Apparently, the geologic history of the clays plays an integral role. The researchers discovered that two blue clays from the deposit were extremely effective against E. S and coli. Epidermidis, while a white clay was 56 % effective against E. Coli and 29 % effective against S.