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To our knowledge, Powerful Germ-Fightersfrog and toad skins are already known as cornucopias of hundreds of germ – fighting substances. Now a new report in ACS ‘ Journal of Proteome Research shows that the brains can toad also an abundance of antibacterial and antiviral substances contain contain new generation of drugs new generation of drugs read more .

They discovered 79 different antimicrobial peptides, the components of proteins, including 59 new to science new to science. Peptides peptides ‘to our knowledge, the most extreme yet described for any animal brains, ‘she noted. Some of the peptides showed a strong antimicrobial activity, paralyzing or killing strains of staph bacteria, and fungi, yeast infections in humans caused. These encouraging results suggest that the toad brains might be a valuable source for developing new antibacterial and antiviral drugs.

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