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The results of every separate measurement is observed on a so-known as univariate control chart. Therefore many charts are had a need to monitor many variables and this implies that the human relationships between different parameters are overlooked. For instance, if the pressure in the reactor vessel raises, the temperature frequently rises as well. However, if this romantic relationship no more holds due to an activity disruption, univariate control charts may not detect this. However, the new technique from Sprang and Ramaker will take the relationships between procedure parameters into account. With this technique the procedure operator in the control space only must monitor two control cards. The first and reliable recognition of process disruptions prospects to indirect cost benefits on the process.The body quickly becomes dehydrated and blood circulation pressure drops, decreasing blood circulation to cells. Cells which are now lacking glucose included are now starved of oxygen and switch to anaerobic metabolism, causing acid waste item build up. Excess acid in the body changes the metabolism for all organs, making it more difficult for oxygen to be used. Conditions will continue worsen until insulin and significant fluids are given to the patient.. Clearing Leg Veins with LASER LIGHT TREATMENTS Leg Veins also called Leg Spider Veins is a common concern for most women and in addition some men aswell, but Leg Veins appear more frequently in mature women.