This study may explain the contraceptive effect in mice does it work.

Mice Of GBA2: A contraceptive for male miceAlthough previously thought that a protein important for important for bile acid metabolism than GBA2, shows a new study in the November issue of the Journal of Clinical Investigation that in mice GBA2 is indeed necessary for male fertility. This study may explain the contraceptive effect in mice, of a treatment for humans without the associated protein GBA1 and could lead to the development of a new male contraceptive. does it work

To gain an insight into the function of GBA2, David Russell and colleagues generated mice GBA2. Surprisingly, there has been proposed that one GBA2 role in regulating a key step in the metabolism of bile acids, bile acid metabolism in these mice occurred normally had. Instead, male mice showed reduced fertility GBA2. This was because the sperm of these mice had abnormally large, round heads and were fewer in number and moved more slowly than sperm from normal mice.

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