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Some women think that leaking silicone from implants can cause chronic debilitating ailments and some studies show the devices can cause scarring and additional minor problems, but most have not connected them to long-term health problems. McLauglin says the analysis is just a part of a number of research Dow Corning began financing in 1994 at his and other institutions. His group expects to complete two additional research on implants and long-term disease within a complete year. The extensive research is published in the current issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute..As reported by Wired, the courtroom filing noted that stingrays can disrupt cellular assistance for any phone within their vicinity – not just targeted phones – in addition to any other mobile devices that use the same cellular network for connection as the targeted phone. ‘Has the potential to disrupt support’ For some time now, civil liberties institutions have thought that stingrays are far too invasive because they’re with the capacity of absorbing data from nearly every cell phone in their vicinity, not really the targeted phones simply. In addition, such groups have said the stingrays can interfere with the function and signals of phones within range.