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The bile ducts, tubes, and the bile are run from the liver to the gallbladder and small intestine. Has long been known, is that in both malignant and malignant liver disease , but before the study by Dr. Sirica and his colleagues the direct effect of the disability on the bile duct the growth of cancer cells and aggression had been not been studied.

###This study is part of ongoing work to identify in Dr. Sirica lab altered growth factor signaling pathways in cholangiocarcinoma that are to be used as potential molecular targets for therapy. Sirica co-authors for the Experimental Biology 2007 presentation are Dr. Zichen Zhang, Toru Asano, Xue – Ning Shen, Deanna J. Ward and Dr. Arvind Mahatme. Support for the work came from the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health.PPGNW contact Walgreens ‘ company headquarters and correction measures was taken against the pharmacist, according Kristen Glundberg – Prosser, PPGNW Director of Public Affairs (Strauss, Idaho Press-Tribune , Jan Atkinson, compliance officers to the Idaho Board of Pharmacy, said Wednesday, its office was given the appeal November 2010 and investigate the matter (Reg. / KIVITV.

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