The best weapon is containment.

The best weapon is containment, said Neil Ferguson, Howard Hughes Medical Institute international research scholar and professor of mathematical biology at Imperial College London. Ferguson conducted a study, the results are online in the journal Nature on 3 Published August 2005.

In September this year , the so-called Hong Kong flu had arrived in the U.S., and in March 1969, an estimated 675,000 Americans had ill and had died almost 34,000. Scientists say that an outbreak of avian influenza or bird flu, the most likely candidate for an influenza pandemic, could be a lot worse now, because people have no immunity to it have, and in today’s world, infected persons can travel within 48 hours within 48 hours, may transfer the virus to every individual they encounter on the way..The University of Bath in is one of the. Germany ‘s leading universities, a international reputation for quality teaching and research in 20 subject areas University of Bath of the top ten of the country assessed.