The automated system for the detection and follow-up of two anesthetic staff

The automated system for the detection and follow-up of two anesthetic staff, diverting drugs were performed. In both cases, the abuse was previously unimagined read more . In one case, the employee was able to take advantage of a weakness in the software for the delivery of drugs basket. Both staff to to drug diversion and abuse and entered treatment. As a result ‘In The Palm Of Your Hand ‘NYU Langone Medical Center announced today that it use the first medical center in the northeast to secure patient – a cutting-edge biometric technology – to identify patients. With the help of near-infrared light to capture an image of the blood – flow pattern map through the veins in a person’s palm, the digital palm unique patient unique patient identifier that interfaces with the medical center, the electronic patient record system. ‘Vein patterns are 100 times more unique than fingerprints,’said Bernard A. Birnbaum, senior vice president and vice dean, chief of hospital operations at NYU Langone. ‘As a result, provides patient Secure a safe, easy and fast way for our patients to register for care at the medical center. It not only protects privacy and enhances the quality, but the patient experience to transform. ‘ The advanced technology of patient Secure helps to ensure ‘connected’to each patient properly on the right medical record, a task not always as easy as it sounds. For example, in the medical center itself, where two or more patients have the same first and last name more than 125 As a result, patients using Secure a patient simply puts his hand on a little black box and their unique identifying palm portrait automatically registering 000 patients have hugs patient Secure last week alone, and the numbers continue to rise. ‘This technology makes you feel like a VIP, you just put your palm on the scanner and you are done registering at the doctor’s office, no clipboard, no hassle of paperwork to check in, it is absolutely sic the Hospital for Joint Diseases and the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine. It is also affiliated with the medical center for outpatient services, including radiology and laboratory tests, as well as a growing number of practices with NYU Langone. There is no cost to participate patient in patient Secure.

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