Stressful situation.

Researchers exposed 20 seeking treatment alcoholics to a brief five minutes guided imagery procedure that involved three conditions: a recent personal, stressful situation, a personal alcohol – cue related situation, and a neutral, relaxing situation. Fear and sadnessssion in random order. In random order. Alcohol craving, anxiety and emotion ratings, cardiovascular levels, and salivary assessments of the stress hormone cortisol were also measured and compared in the three conditions.

This is important for scientists For example, in improving the treatment of alcoholism, said Thomas. For example, it may be possible to improve alcoholism treatment by attending to these differences. To new treatments that give individually targeted both stress-induced and cue – induced craving the person in recovery the best chance in its his or her successful efforts to stay sober. .Joe Pojman – Managing Director of the Texas Alliance for Life, draft draft Act – said the law be constitution sound and working as intended (Reg. / Houston Chronicle.