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Child obesity boom in China Childhood weight problems is widely recognised while a major contributor towards cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, sleep problems, and psychological and public complications. The China National Diet and Health study in 2002 uncovered that the prevalence of obese individuals has increased general by 39 percent previously a decade. In Xi’an City, where the new research was conducted, 20 percent of the adolescents were found to end up being overweight, a rate equivalent to that observed in many western countries ?solution .

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Children With Diabetes – On The Rise An article which talks about the increasing figures of diagnosed diabetes instances in children, including an enormous upsurge in Type 2 diagnoses, and asks, ‘why?’ Are our behaviors hurting our children? Children shall be children, of course, plus they can make poor health choices by eating the wrong foods. But isn’t it really up to family members to encourage and add a healthy lifestyle at home? And when they don’t, children are more likely to fall prey to health issues and are more prone to diabetes. At the end of the day, everyone in the family must pull together as you team on a single side – – the side that keeps ailments like diabetes and additional unhealthy issues at bay.