Seeing the facial expression is also difficult more.

A patient with cataracts will eventually find it hard to read or drive a car – especially during the night. Seeing the facial expression is also difficult more here . Cataracts are usually not painful. The patient is affected more distant view at first.

Ophthalmologist – a medical doctor who specializes in the medical and surgical treatment of the eye.Optometrist – a person practicing eye care, but does not operate. The eye doctor performs a series of tests. These may include:visual acuity test – the test how clearly see the individual object. Testing the person visual acuity. The patient reads letters from across the room. The two eyes tested separately . Through the use a chart with progressively smaller letters, the specialist can determine cornea. The patient’s vision is acute. The diagram is as Snellen Eye Chart.


Breastfed infants who are wean before their second birthday in the developing world make obliged high risk the death, of particular concern given the high HIV rates are in Africa south the Sahara.

Over a quarter of of the children were dying weaned prior 15 months before the her second birthday, the study. Others the importance of breastfeeding the importance of breastfeeding for the health of the sub-Saharan African infants and children.