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In tests, Seasonale is owned by women associated associated with serious problems of their times.But Seasonale also sparked debate over what to manipulate as ‘natural’ whether it wise woman reproductive cycle with hormones for a long time and if Seasonale is a manifestation of social prejudices against menstruation.

###The full results this study presented today, April 2008 during the annual meeting of the American Roentgen Ray Society in Washington,FDA Approves New Birth Control PillThe Food and Drug Administration yesterday, a new type of birth control pill that allows women to skip their monthly menstrual cycle for about three months.The new pill, called Seasonale should, by prescription in late October according to Barr Laboratories Inc. Of Woodcliff Lake, which they developed.Seasonale uses the same hormones in the same dose as the most traditional birth control pills and so is considered as safe. Standard birth control pills can increase the risk of blood clots, heart attack and stroke, especially in women who smoke..Joe grains, Director of Communications at The Stroke Association Comments Add: is for many years The Stroke Association on the been UK relevant poor record in stroke care compared to other countries is why we have tough campaign in an attempt to and improve strokes services nationwide. Radical improvements to the stroke care be it now in our reach and of the government, with a new stroke strategy in developing, has an commitment to improve the the future of the stroke care in Britain showed.

Ovarian cancer is the fifth most malignancy in women UK, arising in for about 1 in more than 130 women each week and being responsible for more deaths among women than all others gynecologic cancer together, according to figures from Cancer Research UK. Women who are been through menopause more likely to get ovarian cancer .