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We have valued the hospital as a long-term consumer of our Computed Radiography systems, and so are honored to be selected as their partner to migrate to DR workflow and productivity. We have centered on pediatric imaging excellence for many years and are focused on assist the diagnostic team of Children's National within their quest to serve their patients using the cheapest radiation dosage reasonably achievable.On Jan. 16, 2012, doctors performed the hospital’s first implant of the SynCardia Total Artificial Center to bridge Johnson to her second heart transplant. Six weeks later, Johnson’s condition got stabilized and she was switched to the 13.5-pound Freedom portable driver, the world’s first wearable power supply for the full total Artificial Heart. On March 15, she was discharged from the hospital to wait for a coordinating donor heart in the home. I’m just grateful that the doctors and SynCardia have this technology open to help people like me, stated Johnson. My doctors and nurses at Cedars were a real blessing and incredibly helpful. They treated me like they were my second family members while I was abroad going through this situation. After she is received by her transplant, Johnson says she’d like to get back to school therefore she can help educate others on obtaining regular checkups, eating right and exercising..