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Chemistry Industry Association of Canada urges caution when interpreting biomonitoring studies The Chemistry Industry Association of Canada supports the results of Wellness Canada’s Report on Individual Exposure to Environmental Chemicals, released today . Biomonitoring studies such as this are of help tools for obtaining publicity information, which may be combined with other scientific methods to advance public health. That said, the association urges caution when interpreting biomonitoring research. Thanks to improvements in analytical chemistry, experts can easily measure extraordinarily low degrees of organic and man-made substances in human fluids and tissues – often less than one component per billion .

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The new research, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, may be the first to link PFCs to immune problems in children. For the scholarly research the researchers tracked a group of 656 children from the Faroe Islands, in the North Atlantic Ocean, from before birth until they were seven years aged, and linked their blood levels of PFCs with their response to program diphtheria and tetanus vaccines. Results showed that doubling in moms’ blood degrees of a common type of PFC – – known as perfluorooctane sulfonic acid, or PFOS – corresponded to a 39 % drop in the diphtheria antibody focus of their kids at age five.