Published online April 22.

CI therapy appears to benefit kids with cerebral palsy Researchers at the University of Alabama in Birmingham report that kids with cerebral palsy who also underwent Constraint Induced Movement therapy found a significant increase in grey matter volume in areas of the brain associated with movement. The findings, published online April 22, 2013 in Pediatrics, will be the first showing that structural redesigning of the mind takes place during rehabilitation in a pediatric people. It is well understood that CI therapy generates a re-wiring of the brain, leading to functional improvement in electric motor skills in adults and children who’ve experienced a brain damage, said Edward Taub, Ph .D., the programmer of CI therapy and a report co-author.

Canada includes a strong custom of high-quality health analysis that has impact all over the world, stated Dr. John Fletcher, Editor-in-Chief of CMAJ. We are pleased to celebrate, in partnership with CIHR, these skilled researchers whose outstanding achievements in medicine will help change lives in the lives of individuals in Canada and beyond. .. CIHR, CMAJ honour five Canadians for health analysis excellence CIHR-CMAJ Best Canadian Achievements in Wellness Research awards announced The Canadian Institutes of Wellness Research and the Canadian Medical Association Journal today honoured five outstanding Canadian individuals and groups. They are the most recent recipients of the CIHR-CMAJ Best Canadian Achievements in Health Research Awards, which celebrate Canadian wellness research excellence.