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‘We're confident this process could possibly be scaled up to enable us to display screen tens of thousands of substances and develop mini-lungs with other diseases such as lung malignancy and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis,’ adds Dr Hannan. ‘This is far more useful, should provide more reliable data and can be even more ethical than using many mice for such study.’.. Cambridge researchers successfully create ‘mini-lungs’ to review cystic fibrosis Scientists in the University of Cambridge have got successfully created 'mini-lung area' using stem cells produced from epidermis cells of sufferers with cystic fibrosis, and have shown that these may be used to check potential new drugs for this debilitating lung disease. The research is one of several studies that have utilized stem cells – the body's grasp cells – to grow 'organoids', 3D clusters of cells that mimic the behaviour and function of specific organs within the body.Vitamin is vital for our health as well as for the skin we have. Vitamins cannot be directly store in human body so we need to take some products to fill the deficiency of these. The home made product is more effective for someone skin nonetheless it is an extended process to make this product. In present days people does not have much time in their hand therefore their accustomed with the various sort of industrial cosmetic products. People have different sort of problem with their pores and skin. Some have pimples, dark circles around the eyes, acne problem of pores and skin, pigmentation, ageing etc. There is lots of product for the perfect solution is of these types of problems. There are many moisturizers, face care cream, suns cream lotion, night time cream etc.