Kamiar Alaei.

Kamiar Alaei, MD Co – director, Research Institute of Pars Curative HIV / shower / STI Shaheed Beheshti University of Medical Sciences Co – director, TB / HIV International Programs, National Research Institute of Tuberculosis & Lung Disease Tehran and Kermanshah IRAN.

If any of these effects can be found, the genetic changes in the whole mice is to be tested.. He and his colleagues at the Stanford Institute for Neuro – Innovation and Translational Neurosciences intends to grant to determine if other genes affect the nervous system. Investigators using established techniques to inactivate the activity of 81 or autism genes in cultured mouse neurons, and then determine whether these changes affect neuronal development, synaptic density and synapse function.Head of the team, A romantic Jerala from NIC says: ‘same approach for defense able implemented against other viral infection we will think of the system that is the system that to be activated by other HIV-specific functionality animal experiments are required to that. Therapeutic possibilities of this system , which are used as gene therapy was would be to test at cells of very promising. NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CHEMISTRY.. Feature such as viral bond to the host cells are solves a cellular response, either activate the antiviral defense and lead to destruction of the infected cells avoid to spread infection. To the effect of viral mutations of is avoided because mutations which lead to loss of function also do the virus harmless.

A cellular response, Synthetic biologists developed mutation -independent Defence Against HIV.

HIV – 1 viral is of the most challenging targets for the therapy because the cells of in our immune system and in particular kidnapped because the virus will mutate rapidly so that it more resistant. Of up to 20 percent of HIV -infected patients host resistant resistant.