Its a new parody site created in the style of The Onion tadalift price. introduces one-hour drone delivery of individual baby parts from Planned Parenthood If you haven’t yet seen, it’s a new parody site created in the style of The Onion tadalift price . A hilarious new post on the webpage announces Amazon’s new intend to partner with Planned Parenthood for one-hour drone delivery of aborted baby parts. Yeah, it’s sick. Yet it’s not far from the truth of what’s happening in America at this time. From the parody content: offers announced that, effective immediately, it shall begin selling aborted human being baby heads to medical study institutions nationwide, guaranteeing ONE-HOUR delivery via autonomous airborne drones. The one thing standing in the way of breakthrough cures, Richards stated, was a shortage of abortions caused by selfish women who are compromising the betterment of society by greedily keeping their infants for themselves. Relating to a magic formula recording of a leading fetal processing expert, lifeless baby neural cells is insanely fragile. Therefore, each head will become packaged for shipment by extremely soft abortion robots who appear exactly like Jeff Bezos. Also to expedite shipment, each properly packed baby head will be delivered refreshing off the abortion assembly line via Amazon’s specially equipped fleet of CIA-provided drones. If the relative heads take longer than one hour to arrive, the delivery drone will be absolve to keep. #ShoutYourMurder campaign goes viral as serial killers proudly announce their right to end lifeAnother sickeningly hilarious article on calls for aim in the #ShoutYourAbortion hashtag with a parody piece in regards to a #ShoutYourMurder meme: The hashtag #ShoutYourMurder was started on Twitter over the weekend after the Supreme Court outlawed murder in the United States. Michael Myers, Walter Light and Charles Manson stated they began the campaign to be able to break the taboo of cold-blooded murder. I dedicated a murder last year and it was a great experience, White told resources. Not only am I not really ashamed, but I’ve realized how extremely fortunate I was to have the choice to murder somebody, and we need to maintain it that method. In addition, psychopaths have recognized that outlawing murder will not actually prevent murder. Rather, it merely underground pushes the practice, making murder seem shadier than it really is. In reality, murder provides been with guys for centuries . Prohibiting murder won’t suppress this primitive instinct – – it’ll merely exacerbate it. Furthermore, pushing murder underground allows hit males to charge an absurd amount of cash for murder. If murder had been legal, penalty costs could be positioned on hit men who fail to get the working job done. See the full #ShoutYourMurder story on There, you’ll find additional hilarious parodies, including Big Tobacco joins breast cancer industry to launch fresh pink ribbon cigarettes.

Alzheimer’s Patients Being Overmedicated? Caring for dementia patients can be hard, but that’s zero excuse for pumping them filled with antipsychotic drugs, stated panelists at a recent Senate Ageing Committee forum. Over-medication occurs far too often in people that have Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, panelists said, and as seniors get older, the problem is only going to worsen. Part of the issue is that dementia individuals often express discomfort in a way that is normally mistakenly interpreted by caregivers as aggression, relating to MedPageToday. Take, for instance, the case of a demented Wisconsin woman who set up a fight whenever anyone attempted to move her. The girl was recommended an antipsychotic medication. A month later on an x-ray showed that she had been experiencing a broken hip, regarding to panelist Dr. Christine Kovach, professor of nursing at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. The woman had been struggling to connect that she was in pain. Antipsychotic medications should only be used for psychosis, Kovach tells CBS News, not to calm behaviors. There are ways to cope with difficult dementia sufferers that don’t involve medications, says the executive director of the California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform, Patricia McGinnis. For example counseling and better training for caregivers. Don’t immediately think a behavior problem is mental, says Kovach. The problem could possibly be physical, or even being caused by some inadvertent behavior of the caregiver, she says. Yet not all experts think that overmedication is that large of a nagging issue. It is a good example of well-meaning people, who do not know what they are doing, criticizing what’s mostly appropriate care, Dr. Clifford Saper, chairman of neurology at Harvard Medical School, told MedPage Today. Many sufferers with dementia possess delusions, Saper added, which they are liable to act on. Sometimes they try to try to escape or abuse other patients. Alzheimer’s – the most typical form of dementia – can be an irreversible mind disease that slowly destroys memory, the capability to believe, and, finally, the capability to perform simple tasks. Around 5 million Americans have problems with Alzheimer’s, says Kovach. Even more HEALTH Articles FROM CBS NEWS:.