It is the essential oil extracted from the liver of the fatty seafood.

Advantages: It is effective against for a number of ailments and diseases, such as:Rickets, Weak bones and soft cells, Inflammatory bowel disease.Arthritis, defective teeth, hair loss and unhealthy hair, prevents deteriorating influence on vision.Cardiovascular diseases, Best for the overall health of unborn babies when consumed by a pregnant woman in Doctors supervision .Promotes brain development and boosts up the memory.Regular doses of cod liver oil protects against frequent cough and chilly in kids. Dosage: The recommended doses for Children: 1, 2 capsule daily consumed with food. Adult: 2, 3 capsule daily consumed with food. Storage: Store at room temperatures. Protect from heat , moisture and light.. Cod liver oil is make strengthen the immune system Cod liver oil is usually a nutritional supplement which is abundant with omega-3 essential fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin D, DHA and EPA.With caffeine that stimulates central anxious system, fats are utilized for energy that through thermo regulation assures bigger calories intake. Daily dosage should stay under 2 cups, drank through morning hours and early afternoon. Japanese researchers have discovered that consuming oolong tea quarter-hour before ameal abundant with carbs, will prevent transformation of unwanted carbs into excess fat cells. White tea Scientists have confirmed that white teais significantly healthful than much more well-known green and dark tea, created from the same plant, Camellia sinensis but may be the youthful leaves picked from the suggestions of the plant.