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Johan Auwerx went further in studying the role of TGR5 in the gut where TGR5 is expressed in cells specialized in the production of gut-derived hormones. The authors found that these so-called enteroendocrine cells TGR5 controls the secretion of the hormone Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 , the. A critical role in the control of pancreatic function and the regulation of blood glucose levels In addition to this discovery, and in collaboration with Prof. Roberto Pellicciari the novel a novel potent and selective TGR5 activator, INT-777 under a long-standing collaboration with Intercept Pharmaceuticals, the group at the EPFL under under laboratory conditions, this compound effectively to treat diabetes and reduce fat mass. In this study have also shown that these effects were related to the increase in both GLP – 1 secretion and energy expenditure..

The Platelet PGD test was designed to be an easy to use single-use device that delivers results to be less than 30 minutes. Currently, QC testing platelets for the presence of bacterial contaminants by culture methods take two to three days before results are available. ‘Current will miss testing methods reported at least half of of all bacterial contamination and sepsis and fatalities after platelet transfusions We need a better way to detect bacteria in platelet units and PGD can be an easy way to give to do this said James P. Aubuchon, professor of pathology at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire. Verax Biomedical.Naturally occuring of DNA synthesis in vivo.

Researchers of the University of Zurich have substance for marking substance for labeling and visualization the DNA synthesis in whole animals. Application Details this technique are identifying said locations from virus infections and cancer growth and. Due to the wealth in DNA replication these tissues This approach should therefore be run to new strategy in drug discovery.

In order make that synthesise biomolecules living organisms visibly, artificial then added and incorporated added and incorporated through the cell’s own biosynthesis of machinery. Anne – , the modified with with artificial entities fluorescing substances fluorescent substances. Previously, you had the approach, an important limitation: to material been used on the labeling goods toxic and causes apoptosis.