In the October 13 problem of JAMA according to a report.

Buprenorphine implant decreases opioid use in people with opioid dependence Assisting to address the issue of medication adherence, persons with opioid dependence whom had the medicine buprenorphine implanted had much less opioid use over 16 weeks, in the October 13 problem of JAMA according to a report 2 times less . Dependence on opioids, in the form of heroin or prescription pain medications, is a significant health concern. Cure that is increasing in usage may be the medicine buprenorphine, with numerous research helping the efficacy of sublingually administered buprenorphine. However, poor treatment adherence, leading to craving and withdrawal symptoms that increase the likelihood of relapse, is a problem, according to background details in the article.

Bumping up appendicitis diagnostic accuracy By Eleanor McDermid, Senior medwireNews Reporter It really is well worth emergency doctors asking patients with abdominal pain how they were affected by driving over swiftness bumps on the way to hospital, research suggests. ‘It may sound odd, but asking individuals whether their pain worsened exceeding speed bumps on the way in to hospital may help doctors in a analysis,’ said business lead researcher Helen Ashdown in a press release. ‘As it happens to be as effective as many other ways of assessing people who have suspected appendicitis.’ The sensitivity to be ‘speed-bump positive’ was 97 percent, making it more delicate for appendicitis than migratory pain , nausea or vomiting , or rebound tenderness in this group of sufferers.