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In January 2007ges Congress, the economy through increased support for NIH and Medical Education pacingThe AAMC called on Congress today, the role of U.S. Medical schools and teaching hospitals play in the nation’s fiscal year to take account of health as legislators to develop legislation to stimulate the economy.

Labor force works directly or indirectly for institutions institutions.. In a letter to congressional leaders, the AAMC notes that medical schools and teaching hospitals have a significant economic and social impact in the counties and cities they serve. After a Tripp Umbach study, published in January 2007, the combined economic impact of AAMC – member institutions was 451st The nation’s medical schools and teaching hospitals accounted for more than 3 million full-time jobs, which means that one of 48 wage earners in the U.S.Meng, MV Y Endour, 20 , 1054-1057Rated by editor Elspeth McDougall, MDUroToday – the only one urology Web site writing with original content of global urology key opinion leader executives actively engaged in clinical practice.