House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.S what to choose . Capitol. Listed below are edited excerpts: Q: You seem a bit amazed by the insurance industry’s being portrayed as a villain by some of the Democrats. Number one, that is an industry which has advanced the market reforms that people are now discussing. Q. At what stage do you walk away from the table? A. So we think now we have to make sure people beyond your Beltway know what people in the Beltway understand, which is not only our commitment but our contribution to health-care reform. Q. Since you’re opposed to both of those, what would you propose as an alternative? A.

Because the latest RoC lists formaldehyde, a chemical commonly found in both customer and industrial products, as a definitive cause of malignancy, and styrene, another common household chemical substance, as a suspected carcinogen, the chemical market is up in hands about its potential profit losses. So in the spirit of Big Tobacco’s approach to dealing with inconvenient science, the chemical market is now desperately trying to muddle the scientific procedure by paying off Congress never to only withhold the truth about these and other deadly chemicals, but also to avoid the general public from accessing these details by blocking funding for future publishings of the RoC. ‘What sort of free market is meant to work is which you have details,’ Lynn Goldman, Dean of the institution of Public Wellness at George Washington University , can be quoted as saying by the New York Times about the importance of the RoC report.