Health Secretary John Reid said today.

British government’s new NHS improvement plan People who need a surgical procedure shall wait no more than 18 weeks by 2008, Health Secretary John Reid said today. Announcing the government’s fresh NHS improvement plan, medical Secretary said that treatment would continue to be provided according to want rather than ability to pay . Improvements to the NHS consist of: typically 7.6 percent real conditions growth in funding over the last four years; 67,500 more nurses and 19,000 more doctors; 68 fresh hospitals built, underway or prepared; shorter waiting around lists and waiting situations; and a fall in deaths from cancers and cardiovascular disease.

British doctors prescribe ADHD drugs to children as young as four illegally The overall rise in the amount of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder medications being dispensed to children has been a major reason behind concern among some medical groups, particularly as such medications are now being prescribed to children beneath the age of six. In the UK, National Health Services guidelines restrict the prescription of ADHD medications to children under age group six, but a recently available report in the UK Guardian says that some doctors are unlawfully prescribing the drugs to children as young as four years aged. Researchers from the Centre for Paediatric and Pharmacy Study compiled data showing that prescription prices for ADHD medications like Ritalin are highest among the age six to 12 category, which is the youngest age category for which they may be prescribed legally.