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The American Center Association advocates for better quality sodium criteria within school nutrition standards, foods advertised and marketed to children and foods purchased by employers or government feeding programs, and for the Secretaries of USDA and HHS to look at the Dietary Suggestions Advisory Committee recommendations. The association also works with improved meals labeling that helps consumers understand how very much sodium is within their diet and consumer education in restaurants to help consumers choose lower-sodium choices.. American Heart Association urges public to reduce salt intake The American Cardiovascular Association today issued a proactive approach for the public, health professionals, the meals industry and the federal government to intensify efforts to reduce the quantity of sodium Americans consume daily.Electron microscopy reveals that this structure is formed like a syringe: the bottom of the syringe can be imbedded in the bacterial membrane and the needle protrudes out from the bacteria . With this apparatus bacteria can inject virulence elements directly into the host cell. So far, little provides been known about how exactly bacteria build this nano-syringe. Scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Disease Biology in Berlin, the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in G-ttingen, and the Federal Institute for Materials Study and Testing have finally succeeded in elucidating fundamental principles of the needle assembly.