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The goals of these experiments are twofold: a) prior to a better understanding of the effects of space travel on human cells before and after infection with an invasive bacterial pathogen – information of vital importance for ensuring the safety of the astronauts in order to gain insight responses in human and pathogenic cells in their usual environment within the human body on Earth. Explains these conditions, Nickerson, can sometimes bear interesting similarities with those observed during spaceflight, though this effect is is often masked by gravity in conventional, ground-based experiments silagra cipla click here .

Interestingly, human cells, their own version of the bacterial Hfq have protein, call Sm proteins in cellular differentiation in cellular differentiation and responses to stress, immune function , and the production of tumors. The group hopes to determine whether. The Sm proteins as response regulators during spaceflight, like the Hfq protein does in bacteria.


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