Enrique Garcia Artero.

A new method for the detection of children and youth fitness to morbidity ValidatedThis work was developed by Dr. Enrique Garcia Artero, from the Department of Physiology, University of Granada, and coordinated by Professor Manuel J. Castillo Garz? To carry out this project uses the researcher data from national and European projects AVENA and Helena . For the purposes this study, 3,000 Spanish adolescents, 500 young people in Europe and an additional sample of 126 teenagers from Granada were studied.

Reliable testsThe validation test by Garcia Artero together contain a 40 – meter dash, hand strength, the long jump with feet, body mass index, waist circumference and skin folds, implemented by the implemented by the PE teacher. According to the researchers, these tests are completely valid and reliable for assessing the aerobic capacity, during adolescence. Muscle strength and body composition in children and adolescents Both aerobic capacity and muscle strength are as separate cardiovascular risk factors in adolescents identified..The latest issue the International Journal of Radiation Oncology – Biology – Astronomy, Robbins and colleagues report that rats.