Eisai collaborate in response to FDAs lorcaserin Complete Response Letter Arena Pharmaceuticals.

Arena, Eisai collaborate in response to FDA’s lorcaserin Complete Response Letter Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc same active ingridient more info . and Eisai Inc. Announced today that Arena offers submitted its response to the entire Response Letter issued by the US Food and Drug Administration following review of the lorcaserin New Drug Application . Lorcaserin is intended for weight management, including excess weight maintenance and loss of weight loss, in patients who are obese or patients who are overweight and have at least one weight-related co-morbid condition.


The consequences include abnormal cholesterol and sugar levels, high blood pressure and other so-called biomarkers of cardiovascular disease. Read more about the study.. AreYou Sitting Down? It Could Kill You A fresh study shows that staying seated for long periods shortens your life span. Don’t think you’re exempt because you take care of yourself. According to the research – released in the American Journal of Epidemology – whether or not you exercise doesn’t offer much safety against the increased threat of premature death. The scholarly research followed 120,000 healthy adults between 1993 and 2006. It demonstrated that women who spent more than six hours a time on the behinds had a 37 % increased threat of premature death in comparison with females who sat for three hours a time or less.