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Senate, what. A conservative change from a moderate stance on the issue, reported the AP / Washington Times As a candidate for governor in 2006, Crist said he would ‘prefer not to change the law, I prefer to change the heart ‘on abortion rights, adding that he ‘rather encourage adoption. ‘Crist campaign officials said in the release that the Senator Crist would legislation tax breaks and include the tax breaks and subsidies for the adoption. They did not say whether Crist would seek to change the current abortion laws. The AP / Times reports that the German government. Already a tax credit for adoptions According to the AP / Times, Crist is ‘describes himself as a solid conservative ‘after losing ground to his opponents in the Republican primaries RubioHouse Speaker Marco Rubio.This work was supported by of National Institute of Arthritis and the musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases , of a of National Institutes of Health supported.