Companies will cost more than 300 million in lost work*?

Official Microsoft Research released today shows repetitive strain injury cases increased by more than 30 % last year, companies will cost more than 300 million in lost work*? With office-based employees now working on the motion for an average of an hour more per day than they were two years with laptops and did – shows this alarming rise in the research is directly related to the rapidly evolving trend of ‘mobile working ‘in the context mobile devices.

John Allen, Managing Consultant at The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents believes that it can do a lot more employers to reduce the risk. We are shocked that this research shows that the number of office-related injuries is on the rise by companies that do not is the right action to invest in their employees well being. This issue must be addressed and companies should start assessing the risks investing in investments in ergonomic solutions where they are needed. .Together with our the NHS client, we use our programs make view more surgeons to Zell – fortified rehabilitation workout this treatment resulted available to. .. Diagnosed the NHS figures suggest that 46,000 breast cancer cases every year in Germany. According to the National Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction Audit 2011, many women to experience elect reconstruction increased psychological, emotional and physical episodes. Cell – accumulated lipofilling to important and exciting new technologies in reconstructive surgery, particularly of patients treated with other techniques have not been effective and available to, said Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery wife Eva Weiler – Mithoff macrophage in the NHS Glasgow Royal Infirmary and to the Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital.