College science requirements keep US before world.

College science requirements keep US before world, MSU researcher argues Despite frequent warnings of the inadequacy of education in the United States, citizens here are still among the world’s most scientifically literate, a Michigan State University researcher said. You can thank those general education requirements that push English majors to sit through biology classes and budding engineers to learn Hemingway, Jon Miller stated. Miller, the John A high safery . Hannah Professor of integrative research and director of the International Center for the Advancement of Scientific Literacy at MSU, for many years has conducted social study on scientific literacy all over the world.


So researchers at the Northern Ireland Center for Trauma and Transformation undertook the initial controlled trial aimed at assessing the effectiveness of cognitive therapy for people suffering from terrorism and various other civil conflict. Related StoriesLeading weight problems groups stress have to regulate weight-loss dietary supplementsNoninvasive CT scans much better than stress exams at spotting clogged arteriesStudy analyzes mental stress of family caregivers following Alzheimer's diagnosisThe trial involved 58 people with chronic post-traumatic tension disorder, mostly resulting from multiple traumas linked to terrorism and other civil conflict.