Cocoa compounds lower blood pressure to boost cardiovascular health Cocoa.

Karin Ried of the National Institute of Integrative Medicine in Melbourne, Australia concluded the small reduction we noticed over the short term might complement various other treatment plans and might contribute to reducing the chance of cardiovascular disease. Scientists have found a true number of natural substances that lower blood circulation pressure, including arginine, coenzyme Q10, fish essential oil, garlic, hawthorn and folic acid.In a letter to The proper times newspaper, professionals while lauding the UK for establishing itself as a worldwide world head in such research, say some foreign treatments, in particular those offered for multiple sclerosis and cosmetic skin treatment, were unproven, not put through independent review and may be dangerous. In Britain, a handful of treatments have already been licensed, principally for dealing with leukaemia and attention and skin disorders, and the group say that while they welcome efforts to translate research results as fast as possible into medical benefits, it will only be done in the context of rigorous scientific scrutiny.