Clinical trial finds atorvastatin may inhibit HIV progression.

Clinical trial finds atorvastatin may inhibit HIV progression, assist in infection’s management A recent multicenter clinical trial of atorvastatin, a type of cholesterol-lowering drug, found that although the medication did not inhibit plasma HIV RNA levels, it did inhibit expression of cellular markers of immune activation and swelling in sufferers with HIV infection. Since immune irritation and activation are connected with progression of HIV an infection, the implication is definitely that the statin may inhibit disease progression and help in the infection’s management. The results are in a study, available online, released in The Journal of Infectious Diseases. The investigators, led by Anuradha Ganesan, MD, of the National Naval INFIRMARY and the Infectious Disease Medical Research Program in the Section of Preventive Medicine and Biometrics at the Uniformed Services University of medical Sciences in Bethesda, Md., randomized 22 HIV-1-contaminated patients not on antiretroviral therapy and with cholesterol levels lower than those requiring statin therapy in a double-blind process of high-dose drug or placebo for eight weeks.I have chills actually. In a phase 3 medical trial involving around 1,200 men with prostate cancers that had spread despite prior chemo – and hormone-therapy, an international group led by Scher found that participants taking Xtandi resided a median of 18.4 months, compared to 13.6 months for those who received a placebo. The drug also significantly lowered levels of prostate-particular antigen and boosted the proper time of progression-free survival, with only minimal side effects of exhaustion, diarrhea and rare seizures. The full total results were reported earlier this month in the New England Journal of Medication. According to Decision Resources, the prostate cancer medication market in the US is forecast to a lot more than double over another decade, increasing from $3.6 billion in 2010 2010 to around $9 billion in 2020.