Chief Scientific Officer at Agendia said.

This study is in excellent agreement with our 2002 publication in the New England Journal of Medicine in which we also found that MammaPrint cancer patient Prof. Rene Bernards, Chief Scientific Officer at Agendia said. Based on these data, the inclusion criteria of the large clinical trial MINDACT be magnified with MammaPrint to be expanded patients with 1-3 positive nodes. .

The company focuses on the development and commercialization of diagnostic tests using tumor gene expression profiling. Agendia was the first company to get the FDA approval for its breast cancer test – MammaPrint – the risk of the risk of breast cancer recurrence. Product, CupPrint product, CupPrint *, is a diagnostic test to. Cancer of Unknown Primary the origin of metastasis in a cancer type called identification Agendia recently also its new colon cancer prognosis test, ColoPrint , which is currently presented in the further validation. Agendia maintains close ties with several leading academic centers diagnostic tests diagnostic tests for cancer. Agendia also offers its expertise to the pharmaceutical company focusing on developing highly effective personalized drugs in oncology..Researchers have a long time well known about the existence of bias against the unemployed said the authors of this study who well as Todd L. Pittinsky, Associate Professor of Technology and Society Laboratory at Stony Brook, and Daniel Walters, a UCLA Anderson MBT a student.