Centrifuge releases new edition of Visual Network Analytics solution Centrifuge Systems.

With Centrifuge we are able to identify hidden networks and links across disparate sources of data. Centrifuge and SBS took a visual method of augment human interaction with data enabling us to expose patterns, anomalies and relationships more efficiently. Finding the criminals is the name of the game. – David Schiffer, CEO, Safe and sound Banking Systems. Today, Centrifuge VNA is a crucial solution for the united states Intelligence Community, integrating an incredible number of rows of interpersonal, enterprise and open public data to profile key connections between people, actions and events. Thousands of users across over 20 different government agencies use Centrifuge as an important technology to identify criminal and terrorist networks.Advantages: It provides continuous contraceptive protection provided that it is definitely set up regardless of the number of intercourse acts. Additional spermicide, unlike for the diaphragm, is not necessary for repeated intercourse. The cervical cap will not involve ongoing use of hormones. Drawbacks: Cervical erosion may lead to vaginal spotting. A theoretical threat of toxic shock syndrome exists if the cervical cap can be left set up longer than the prescribed period.