Can natural treatment for endometriosis be considered a terminator of women after abortion?

Which means this treatment targets activating bloodstream and removing stasis. However, different people have various kinds of syndromes. Some may blood-stasis with qi-stagnation, some may blood-stasis with cold-stagnation, and some may blood-stasis with hot-congestion, while others may blood-stasis with the scarcity of kidney. So doctors provide different therapies to different persons. That’s why natural treatment could cure endometriosis at root. Then how about these drugs? As we all know, these drugs contain kinds of active substracts extracted from organic herbs or even contain the powder of natural herbs which are precious. Take the usually used medication Fuyan Pill for example. It offers pangolin scales, which are specialized in softening hard lumps and dispelling nodes.But to protect against herpes, tenofovir must be applied to the vaginal canal topically. 450 women who participated in the scholarly study were asked to use the gel topically before and after sexual intercourse. Tenofovir-maker Gilead Sciences Inc., that was mixed up in scholarly study, has not made a declaration on its further development for the US market. The gel could take years to get to the consumer market, researchers say. Genital herpes isn’t fatal, nonetheless it is wrought and painful with a heavy social stigma.