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But the paper also shows how it may misleading, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to allocate places, for example, emissions from power plants to those who should be assigned to consume the electricity, not the places are where the emissions generated by power plants http://suhagrasildenafil.com read more . Branches should. Also on the person consuming the goods the industries produce are allocated – Consumer demand drives the production of goods and services and therefore the emission of greenhouse gases, says Satterthwaite Assigning shows emissions for consumers and producers that the problem lifestyles not cities but a minority of the world’s population with high consumption. A large proportion of these consumers live not in cities but in small towns and rural areas.

Of the United Nations, former U.S. President Bill Clinton ‘s climate change initiative and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, all come come that between 75 and 80 % of the emissions from the cities.

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