But recent research at Kansas State University show they can cause harm also.

Antioxidants can also harm Antioxidants have been praised because of their benefits against disease and ageing increasingly, but recent research at Kansas State University show they can cause harm also. Researchers in K-State’s Cardiorespiratory Exercise Laboratory have been studying how to improve oxygen delivery to the skeletal muscle during exercise by using antioxidants, which are nutrients in foods that may prevent or slow the oxidative damage to the physical body. Their findings present that occasionally antioxidants can impair muscle mass function. ‘Antioxidant is among those buzz words right now,’ said Steven Copp, a doctoral college student in anatomy and physiology from Manhattan and a researcher in the lab. ‘Walking around grocery stores you see stuff advertised that are loaded with antioxidants.It bears a label that says, Help Nourish Your Brain above a drawing of fruits. Besides Pomegranate Blueberry the label also says Flavored Mixture of 5 Juices in smaller sized letters. But for all intents and reasons, there is hardly anything of material in the drink if you are buying it for the labeling. Each bottle contains 99.4 % apple and grape juices, which the court noted were cheaper than blueberry and pomegranate juices. Not that cost is any motivator right here, of course. Not upset at all by the business’s sleight of hands labeling, Coca-Cola executives pooh-poohed the fit. We are assured that the will dismiss what little is left of Pom’s baseless claims, the company said in a statement.