Bruker Daltonics.

Bruker Daltonics, KIESTRA Lab Automation form strategic technology partnership Before the 20th Annual Meeting of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases about April 10-13, 2010 in Vienna, Bruker Daltonics and KIESTRA Laboratory Automation announce an expanded partnership covering co-advertising and cross-selling of their respective systems for microbiology routine laboratories, as well as a joint study and development plan for interfacing their technologies. In recent years, Bruker and KIESTRA Lab Automation been employed by with a number of customers applying both systems in their laboratories. Alongside the Academical INFIRMARY , the Jeroen Bosch Hospital , Leiden University Medical Center and Streeklab Haarlem , both companies applied for the prestigious European Research Initiative EUREKA project .

Brown fats fuels fight against obesity By Sally Robertson Experts may have found a fresh way for assessing adipose cells function that could be used in the fight against obesity. Thermal imaging of the relative head, neck, and shoulder area on exposure to a ‘cool challenge’ can indicate the site and position of brown adipose tissue , the tissue that expends more heat energy than any various other enter the physical body. ‘Potentially, the more brownish fat you have or the more active your brown fats is you produce more heat and as a result you might be less likely to lay down excess energy or meals as white excess fat,’ explained lead author Michael Symonds in a press statement.