Broken Foot Diagnosis The physician shall ask the patient about the injury and examine the foot.

Broken Foot Diagnosis The physician shall ask the patient about the injury and examine the foot. X-rays are of help in diagnosing broken bones in the foot often. Injured toes are usually treated just as if they are broken or just bruised, therefore X-rays are optional for these injuries viagra for women . Sometimes a doctor`s exam can be all that is required to be certain bones in the midfoot aren’t broken. Doctors might use certain guidelines to choose if an X-ray is necessary. If none of listed below are present, an X-ray is not needed: Pain when the physician pushes over the bottom of the fifth metatarsal bonePain when the physician pushes over the navicular boneInability to consider four guidelines with full weight bearing on the injured feet wothout pain, both soon after injury and during the examinationOther imaging strategies can be carried out to consider unusual or hidden accidents to the bones of the foot, but are rarely needed.

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