Breast discomfort is not an average symptom of breast tumor.

In conclusion, breast pain is an extremely common complaint that requires scientific evaluation to exclude a significant pathology. After the breast pain is set benign, there are numerous treatment options to reduce the symptoms. Keeping a diary shall help determine the design and successful administration of the pain. It will be good for provide us with these details during your follow-up.. Breast Pain Breast pain is among the many common symptoms & most frequent reason behind breast-related consultations.While it holds true that celery will contain few essential minerals and vitamins compared to heavier foods, it is rich in certain phytonutrients that provide some truly special health benefits. Cancer-fighting propertiesCelery consists of two flavones, apigenin and luteolin, that are proven to help treat numerous kinds of cancer. For example, a study published in Tumour Biology in August 2014 found that apigenin can induce apoptosis in individual gastric carcinoma cells in a dose-dependent manner. Another study, published two months later in Experimental and Molecular Pathology, found that ‘low-dose apigenin has the potential to slow or prevent breast malignancy progression.’ Luteolin, however, seems to specialize in treating colon cancer.