Be used to help with the prototype and the production of the device.

With the Innovation Award the Innovation Prize for Life Sciences Dalhousie Office of Industry Liaison and Innovation The award carries with it a $ 50,000 cash prize. Be used to help with the prototype and the production of the device. Working with ILI, Dr.

The device they came up with – the Femoral Fracture Reduction device – is a stainless steel rod with a snake – like end segment by wires that in parallel controlled by the unit. Surgeons have the option to direct the staff on a misaligned fracture and pull the wires and pull them together to facilitate the most difficult part of the operation. – If we are successful could mean it in that for heavy fractions, not reduced, there is a device that requires the slicing of the femur should be avoided, said Dave Wilson. – It is all all cases, but if it is, it will reduce or time, less invasive, reduce blood loss, of the device. Morbidity and healing – this is the promise of it, adds Dr.Inc. Is a Haven receive Naming Gift For Cancer Hospital – known Yale-New Haven Hospital and Yale, that Yale Grad Joel E. Smilow be on – The Smilow Cancer Hospital will be opened in late 2009 great gift to the new, 14-story cancer hospital assist now under construction Yale-New Haven. The comprehensive patient treatment system will be known than Smilow Cancer Hospital. – ‘We are building one of the best, patients oriented cancer care centers in the country,’said Marna P. Borgstrom, President & CEO of YNHH. ‘We are extremely grateful of Joel and Joan Smilow to predominantly a generous gift to the cancer hospital, and for the exchange of our vision of creating a place of hope and compassion for patients with cancer. ‘.