Avizia announces closing of collateral financing round Avizia.

Avizia's telemedicine portfolio carries a wide variety of medical devices, software program, and professional solutions that deliver an end-to-end telemedicine solution that’s easy to put into action. ‘It's rare to locate a new company currently delivering a completely developed product family members to a big and diverse customer bottom,’ added Kennedy. ‘Avizia's leadership, eyesight and technology will be the caliber we discover in companies which have been established for years within their respective industries. Which will help the life research community eliminate a few of the toughest workflow bottlenecks whenever using high-throughput sequencing data: Evaluation and storage. CEO at CLC bio, Thomas Knudsen, states, ‘With high-throughput sequencing increasing in popularity fast tremendously, our customers are constantly confronted with storage difficulties of a level they haven’t experienced previously.Related StoriesLoyola and Notre Dame researchers report promising new methods to dealing with cancerNew DentaPlas coated implants assist in preventing infections due to bacteriaWyss Institute, UMass synergy to develop drug-device combination for treating blood clots in stroke patientsImaging experiments with these nanowontons showed they are detectable at low picomolar levels using MRI. This degree of sensitivity would likely be sufficient to identify very small tumors in your body. Additional studies confirmed that PAT could detect particle edges, which is certainly where the PAT signal drops off dramatically. The investigators remember that they are now experimenting with other nanoparticle shapes, especially nanorods, with the goal of increasing MRI sensitivity.